We will always be grateful to the United Staes of America and it’s people for God has used her for delivering our home country the Philippines for more than 300 years of Spanish rule and during World War II, America liberated the Philippines under 4 years of Imperial Japanese occupation and granted independence to the Republic of the Philippines on July 4, 1946. but God’s ultimate gift to the Filipinos was when He allowed American Independent, Bible-believing, Baptist missionaries to come to the Philippines and preach the gospel, the good news of salvation, and many heard it, and were gloriously saved!

 Rev. Fred and Mrs. Lorene Null were one of the couples who surrendered to the call of God, to go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. They arrived in the Philippines in 1953 and spent 25 years of their lives winning souls, training preachers and workers for the Lord’s work and planted 25 Bible-believing Baptist churches across the country. 

 After suffering a massive stroke, undergoing open heart surgery, Pastor and Mrs. Null were advised not to return to the Philippines: however, his poor health condition did not hinder his passion to win Filipinos to Christ, especially when he fount out that there are 70,000 Filipino-Americans living in San Diego. His desire to reach them with the Gospel led to the establishment go Filipino Bible Baptist Church of National City, California. 

 My wife an I were among the early visitors of the still mission work in 1982. I have been saved, and called to preach, while serving in the U.S. Navy.The Lord led me and my family to join, and was among the 50 chartered members. I still remember my first impression of Pastor Fred Null, “Here is a man who is crippled and half dead, preach. If God can use him, he can use me too.”

 In 1992, Grace Baptist Temple of Chula Vista, founded and pastored by Ken Johnson for 25 years, merged with the filipino church. The combined congregation was called the Filipino and American Bible Baptist Church as they used the Chula Vista facility. 

 In May 2003, the Lord opened another door, the church, growing continually moved back to the same facility in national City where it was established. After much prayer, the church shortened its name Bible Baptist Church. As we faithfully proclaim the Gospel, the church grew from 50 to an average of 500 in weekly attendance. 

 Ten years ago, Bro. Willie Del, a long time member of Bible Baptist, surrendered to God’s call to preach, and was sent to Mira Mesa, California, a suburb of San Diego to start Mira Mesa Bible Baptist Church. The church has reached a high attendance of 300 with an average of 120. They have a faith promise goal of $100,000.00 this year and they support severity missionaries. 

 In 1999, Bro. Don and Sis. Sandra Pagtakhan, also chartered members of Bible Baptist Church, were called and sent as missionaries to Russia, where they faithfully served for four years until an illness forced them to return home. 

 The church also sent Bro. Carlos Serrano and his family to start and independent, Bible-believing Baptist Church to Delano, California on March 23, 2008. Today, it is a growing church, with an average attendance. 

 A young man, Chris Hunter, who grew up in our church, is also now a missionary in the Philippines.