FABBA (Christian School)

 At Faithful Ambassadors Bible Baptist Academy (FABBA), we are interested in building character. We endeavor to still in our students a desire to be hard workers, loyal, courageous, and all they can be for God. Our objective is to develop within the framework of our students' God-given abilities, individuals who are articulate, knowledgeable, and of good Christian character.

Our mission is to glorify God through the ministry of education from Biblical perspective and through ministries that edify and reach out to people.We believe the Christian traditional approach provides students with the best possible programs and methods of studies. We seek to impart to each student Christian character development, communication skills of language, and subject matter in harmony with God's truth in the various academic discipline. We use A-Beka curriculum in our school.

For more information, please call (619) 434-2265.


Carlos Serrano

School Administrator


Mark Cunanan

Principal/Senior High School Teacher


Grace Ramos

Finance Staff


 Joseph Hocson

Assistant Principal/Senior High School Teacher/Athletics Director


Friday Paredes

School Registrar


David Cabal

Senior High School Teacher


Hannah Goco

Senior High School Teacher


Jeanette Abubo

Junior and Senior High Advisor


Nelly Cabal

Elementary Advisor


Kristen Sagana

Primary Advisor


Tanya Frashure

Kindergarten Advisor/Music Advisor